Watch: Dog’s Act Of Bravery Saves Child From Cobra

Last Updated: February 29, 2024, 17:05 IST

As per locals, this stray dog is named Kariya.

With remarkable presence of mind, the dog prevented the child from making any sudden movements that could have aggravated the situation.

In a heartwarming incident that unfolded near the Kukke Subramanya Temple in Dakshina Kannada, a street dog emerged as a hero by preventing a potentially horrifying encounter between a child and a venomous cobra. The incident, which occurred as a family of pilgrims visited the temple, has captured widespread attention on social media platforms, with netizens applauding the dog’s remarkable awareness and protective instincts.

According to reports from Mangalore Today, the incident took place when a woman, accompanied by her child, was purchasing puja ingredients from a nearby shop en route to the Adi Subramanya shrine. Unbeknownst to the child, a cobra was stealthily crossing the road just as the youngster wandered onto the roadside. Had it not been for the street dog’s timely intervention, the child may have unknowingly stepped on the snake, potentially leading to a tragic outcome.

Witnesses to the incident recounted how the street dog, affectionately known as Kariya, dashed to the scene from a distance and positioned itself between the child and the cobra, effectively shielding the youngster from harm. With remarkable presence of mind, the dog prevented the child from making any sudden movements that could have aggravated the situation, while also allowing the snake to slither away safely.

Kariya’s swift and instinctive response to the danger has earned the admiration of locals and netizens alike. Known to frequent the vicinity of the Kukke Subramanya Temple, Kariya’s actions have highlighted the often-underappreciated role that stray animals play in our communities.

This heartening tale is not an isolated incident. Earlier this month, a similar display of bravery by street dogs was captured in a viral video from Uttar Pradesh’s Shravasti district. In the footage, three vigilant dogs were seen barking at a venomous snake on the streets, alerting nearby residents to the potential danger.

The heartwarming stories of Kariya and the vigilant street dogs of Shravasti serve as powerful reminders of the bond between humans and animals, as well as the invaluable contributions of stray animals to our communities. As these heartening tales continue to spread on social media, they inspire us to appreciate and cherish the often-overlooked heroes among us, both human and animal alike.

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