Want to ‘Get Married’ in the Comfort of Your Home? Karnataka Shows You the Way sattaex.com

The service is available only for those registering under the Hindu Marriages Act of 1952. (Representative image/Getty Images)

Couples wanting to register their marriage in Karnataka can now do so on the kaveri.karnataka.gov.in portal by uploading their Aadhaar cards, the wedding invite, a wedding video, three witnesses and certificates to prove the age of the bride and groom

Had a ceremony but yet to register your marriage? If you are a resident of Karnataka, now you can do that from the comfort of your home.

All you need to do is upload your wedding invitation video and complete an Aadhaar authentication. You will be able to generate your marriage certificate under the Hindu Marriage Act without even visiting the sub-registrar’s office.

A QR code-printed certificate will be provided to the couple registering their marriage, which will later help officials verify the document.

The pilot project, launched from Bengaluru’s Malleshwaram sub-registrar office, is expected to be extended across the state by the end of February, according to Karnataka Revenue Minister Krishna Byre Gowda.

Gowda stated that the project aims to increase marriage registrations, reduce hassle for applicants, and safeguard the rights of women. He mentioned that only 30% of marriages in Karnataka are registered, as many are deterred due to the requirement of producing several documents, including educational certificates and others. However, marriage documents prove essential, especially when it comes to issues related to alimony, property distribution, and the veracity of marriages conducted.

How It Works

The procedure has been simplified, with the person wanting to register their marriage logging onto the website Kaveri 2.0 (kaveri.karnataka.gov.in) and selecting options that include proofs like Aadhaar, wedding invite, wedding video, three witnesses, and certificates to prove age.

The online application is then sent for approval to the sub-registrar, who, upon verification, makes the digital certificate available, complete with a QR code and a digital signature. Once this approval is granted, the certificate can be downloaded directly from the portal.

“The process is so simple now that even when people need to submit their marriage certificate for purposes like passport application or inclusion of spouse name in it, the QR code will help the department. There will be no need for additional verification as we have already done it,” explained Mamatha BR, Inspector General of Registration and Commissioner of stamps.

“Marriages that were held earlier and had not been registered can also now be officially registered through this process, but documentation like marriage video, wedding card etc should be there,” she told News18.

However, this service is available only for those registering under the Hindu Marriages Act of 1952. Those marrying under the Special Marriage Act, Karnataka, 1960, which requires a one-month notice and the presence of both the bride and groom before the sub-registrar, can seek an appointment online using the same portal.

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