Vipassana Teachings Can Help Tackle Stress and Distress in Modern Life: Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday said Vipassana is a unique gift of ancient India and also a modern science whose application can help young and elderly people tackle “stress and distress” in their lives.

In a virtual address to mark the birth centenary celebrations of Vipassana teacher S N Goenka, Modi said meditation and Vipassana were once seen as a medium of renunciation but now it has become a medium of personality development in practical life.

He said India needs to share evidence of Vipassana science with the world according to the standards of modern science.

“Stress and distress are common in the present-day life of young people and senior citizens, and Vipassana teachings can help them find solutions to their problems,” Modi said.

He said S N Goenka was a perfect example of ‘one life one mission’.

His teachings and commitment to the welfare of society are a source of inspiration as India is moving fast to fulfil the goals of Viksit Bharat, Modi said.

“Inspired by Lord Buddha, Guruji would say when people meditate together the result is very effective. Such power of unity is the great pillar of Viksit Bharat,” the PM said.

Recalling his close association with Goenka, the prime minister said the late Vipassana teacher possessed calm and serene characteristics.

“His only mission was Vipassana and spreading the knowledge he had acquired to all. His contribution was for the mankind,” Modi said.

He said Vipassana was a unique gift of ancient India but its legacy was forgotten over generations.

Vipassana is a journey from self-observation to self-transformation and a solution to all challenges faced today, he said.

Yoga is accepted across the world and the International Yoga Day is now a part of life across the globe, the PM added.

“We thought meditation and Vipassana were a medium of vairaygya and not to be brought in practical life. Now it is a medium of personality development ” he said.

Modi said Vipassana is also a modern science which needs to be imparted to future generations.

“Meditating together gives effective results. This feeling of solidarity and power of unity is a major basis of Viksit Bharat,” he said.

Goenka is known for popularising the ancient Vipassana meditation technique, which aims for the eradication of mental impurities and the resultant highest happiness of full liberation.

Modi further said Vipassana has become even more important in today’s challenging times when the youth are becoming victims of stress due to work-life balance, lifestyle, and other problems.

“Bharat needs to take the lead in making Vipassana more acceptable,” he said.

Highlighting the importance of Vipassana, the prime minister said it held great relevance when it was introduced thousands of years ago.

“Vipassana has become even more relevant in today’s life as it has the power to resolve the current challenges of the world,” he added.

He said because of Goenka’s efforts, more than 80 countries have understood the importance of meditation and adopted it.

“Acharya Shri Goenka once again gave a global identity to Vipassana. Today, India is giving new expansion to that resolution with full strength”, Modi said as he recalled the support of more than 190 countries to India’s proposal of celebrating International Yoga Day in the United Nations.

Vipassana, meditation and dharana, are often considered only as matters of renunciation but people forgot its role,” he added.

“A healthy life is a big responsibility of all of us towards ourselves”, Modi said.

Highlighting the benefits of Vipassana, Modi emphasized it is a solution not just for young people but also for the members of micro and nuclear families where elderly parents remain under stress.

He also urged everyone to connect the elderly with such initiatives.

The prime minister also hailed Acharya Goenka’s efforts to make everyone’s life peaceful, happy and harmonious through his campaigns.

“He also wanted the future generations to avail the benefits of these campaigns and thus expanded his knowledge. He did not stop there but also created skilled teachers,” Modi added.

Vipassana is a journey into the soul and a way to dive deep within yourself, Modi said and stressed it is not just a genre but a science.

“We are familiar with the results of this science. We now need to present its evidence to the world according to the standards of modern science. While a lot has already been done across the world in this direction, India needs to take the lead in making it more acceptable using new research for bringing greater welfare to the world”, he added.

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