This MBA Graduate From Mysuru Left His Job To Start A Shoe Laundry Business

Last Updated: February 24, 2024, 15:25 IST

Alok earns Rs 50,000 from his shoe laundry business.

Alok initially worked with a private company after completing his MBA.

An MBA graduate from Mysuru has captured everyone’s imagination with his innovative idea of shoe laundry business. What makes Alok’s business idea unusual is that the term laundry has always been associated with clothes and bedding and not shoes.

According to Local 18 Kannada, Alok initially joined a private company after pursuing an MBA course. He, however, always aimed to start his business venture. He zeroed in on the idea of the shoe laundry business and embarked on it soon after.

Two years after Alok started a shoe laundry business, he is now earning about Rs 50,000 and has also employed five employees. Alok charges Rs 280 for cleaning a pair of shoes and cleans them in four ways. Post the cleaning, the shoes are safely dried as well.

This creative method of cleaning the shoes has struck a chord with the Mysuru natives and has become quite popular. Alok manages his business venture from a small room. He stacks the shoes on a rack and wraps them in separate polythene bags as well.

The entire surface of the shoe inside out is cleaned down to every single stitch. The laces, insoles, straps and fittings of the shoes are cleaned perfectly.

According to Starter Story, there are certain pros and cons concerning the shoe laundry service. The advantages of this business include rewarding business work, many meaningful business connections, etc. The cons include a lot of time and effort to understand the market and find the right supplier.

The gross margins for your shoe laundry business are typically around 43 per cent, which can make it more difficult to incur new expenses and maintain profitability.

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