Karnataka Woman Hosts Grand Baby Shower For Her 18-month-old Cow sattaex.com

Last Updated: March 05, 2024, 14:16 IST

Villagers were invited to the ceremony.

For the baby shower ceremony, Devi was dressed up in a green silk saree.

Baby showers are a common ritual in today’s era. Be it any country, a baby shower is hosted for pregnant mothers where elders give their blessings along with gifts to celebrate a woman’s transformation into a mother. In India, this ceremony is mainly known as Godh Bharai. However, recently, a woman from Ramanakoppalu, a small village in Krishnarajpet Taluk in Mandya District of Karnataka, did something unexpected.

According to reports, the woman performed the baby shower ceremony not for another woman but for her pet, a pregnant cow. Right from the time of the Vedas, cows have been revered in India.

As per reports, a woman named Sakarnadu, who lives in the Ramanakoppalu Village, arranged a grand baby shower ceremony for her pet cow. The name of the cow is Devi, which has been given by her family members Ashok and Rashmi.

For the baby shower ceremony, Devi was dressed up in a green silk saree. Devi’s mother died a few years ago; since then, she has been nurtured by Sakarnadu. From the beginning, she used to treat her like the daughter of her family. Devi is currently 18 months old and 9 months pregnant.

Reports suggest the baby shower ceremony was organised lavishly. The place was decorated with flowers and various types of fruits were arranged for her. Sandalwood and camphor were lit, and the baby shower was performed in the authentic traditional way. Along with this, villagers were also invited to this celebration who blessed pregnant Devi.

Earlier, a similar incident took place in the Teachers’ Colony of Jamakhandi, Karnataka. The first pregnancy of a cow was celebrated by the Jakati family. Shobha Jakati, a resident of Jamakhandi, has a domestic cow in her home. She believes that since the time she started rearing that cow, all good things have happened to her family. Because of this strong belief, when the cow got pregnant for the first time, she decided to have a baby shower event for her.

She printed the invitation cards and invited her family, friends, and neighbours. All the rituals that are followed during the traditional baby shower of a woman were carried out for this domestic cow as well.

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