In Tamil Nadu’s Tirunelveli, Demand For Watermelon And Its Prices Surge

Last Updated: February 26, 2024, 13:45 IST

TirunelveliThe street vendors have collected watermelons from Villupuram.

Tamil Nadu produces 3.15 lakh tonnes of watermelons and contributes 9.77 per cent to India’s watermelon production.

The peak summer season in India is generally in April and May. It peaks for about 25 days in May and this hot and humid weather lasts till June. Generally, by the end of February, the heat the temperature begins to rise in most parts. However, meteorologists said that the temperatures are likely to rise in the coming days and there has been a surge in the demand for watermelons.

Summertime means people resort to consuming cool beverages and food items- from cucumber drinks and lemonades to eating ice cream, and coconut water and indulging in water-based fruits like watermelon. During this time, the sale increases as the demand rises. In Tirunelveli, Tamil Nadu, fruit sellers have seen a surge in demand for watermelons and hence a hike in prices as well.

Watermelons are often the first choice of people as it has high water content. The street vendors have collected these fruits from Villupuram and selling them at hiked prices in Tirunelveli. Watermelons are grown in southern states as well. Did you know Tamil Nadu produces 3.15 lakh tonnes of watermelons and contributes 9.77 per cent to India’s watermelon production?

Currently, Tamil Nadu’s watermelon is much in demand due to its sweet taste and texture which instantly quenches thirst and cools down the body. Watermelons are also packed with many nutritional values like sugar, fat, fibre and carbs as well. From eating slices of fresh watermelon to drinking its juice or food items made of it, one can indulge in this deliciously refreshing fruit this summer.

Tamil Nadu’s watermelons are sold in large quantities in other states, especially in the northern belt. Now, as per traders, the availability of watermelon in Tamil Nadu is comparatively less. Due to this, a kilo of watermelon might be sold for Rs 30 from roadside vendors.

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