In First Visit After Nitish Kumar’s Return to NDA, PM Modi to Lay Out Rs 27,000 Cr Blueprint for ‘Prosperous Bihar’

In his first trip to Bihar after Nitish Kumar returned to the NDA fold, Prime Minister Narendra Modi will unveil projects worth nearly Rs 27,000 crore for the state and unveil his vision for a ‘prosperous Bihar’, sources said.

Kumar and Modi will also be sharing the stage at this function in Begusarai on March 2, which is the constituency of Union Rural Development Minister Giriraj Singh. The major projects that the PM will unveil are the HURL Fertilizer plant in Begusarai worth Rs 7,042 crore, railway projects worth Rs 4,742 crore, and laying the foundation stone of Barauni Refinery Expansion worth Rs 11,400 crore.

Government sources said that during the last 10 years, Oil & Gas Central Public Sector Enterprises (CPSEs) under the administrative control of Ministry of Petroleum & Natural Gas, have completed 28 projects in Bihar worth Rs 26,704 crore. These CPSEs are also currently implementing 11 infrastructure projects of Oil and Gas sector in Bihar, worth Rs 38,610 crore.

“Bihar, standing at the heart of this transformative leap, is witnessing the launch of projects worth Rs 26,831 crore, with Rs 15,067 crore of petroleum projects, fertiliser plant worth Rs 7042 crore and Rs 4742 crore worth of railway projects, underscoring our commitment to its development and prosperity,” government sources told News18.

Sources said the inauguration of the Hindustan Urvarak & Rasayan Limited (HURL) plant at Barauni, realised with an investment of Rs 7,042 crore, is a game-changer for Bihar’s agrarian economy. “This facility is a beacon of progress, set to directly enhance the income of farmers by providing them with a steady supply of urea, reducing their input costs, and improving fertility of their lands,” sources said.

The resultant increase in crop yields from this ready access to essential fertilizers promises to elevate the standard of living for farmers, boosting their financial stability and prosperity. It’s a pivotal move towards doubling farmers’ incomes, a goal deeply intertwined with the central government’s vision of a “robust and vibrant rural economy” in Bihar, sources said.

The Barauni Refinery Expansion project has a deadline of December 2024 to augment the capacity of Indian Oil’s Barauni Refinery at an estimated cost of Rs 11,412 crore. “This expansion is not just about enhancing capacity but about setting a foundation for the state’s first Polypropylene unit, marking a significant milestone in Bihar’s industrial landscape. The project will create Export opportunities in neighbouring country Nepal through Nepal-India boarder points Raxaul & Jogbani due to its proximity to Barauni Refinery,” sources said.

In addition to the agricultural boost, Bihar is set to benefit from significant railway enhancements to be unveiled by the PM, with projects worth Rs 4,742 crore aimed at improving connectivity and infrastructure. “This development is expected to facilitate smoother transport of goods and passengers, further bolstering the state’s economic landscape and directly impacting the livelihoods of its residents,” sources said.

During PM’s Begusarai visit, a comprehensive blueprint to strengthen Bihar’s railway infrastructure, including the inauguration of new lines, doubling projects, and electrification, aimed at enhancing connectivity and supporting the state’s economic development will be witnessed by the people of Bihar, sources said.

“By laying the foundation for expanded and electrified rail networks, we’re paving the way for a future where trade flourishes, communities are interconnected, and opportunities abound. The inauguration of new lines and the enhancement of existing ones, coupled with the introduction of pivotal train services will make travel more accessible and efficient for every citizen. This ambitious expansion is a cornerstone in our mission to build a more connected, prosperous Bihar, ultimately contributing to the nation’s progress and the well-being of its people,” sources added.

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