Anantapur Welcomes Bike Rental Service For Local Commuters And Tourists

Last Updated: February 27, 2024, 14:19 IST

Ride On Wheel charges Rs 200 as rent for 1-3 hours for two-wheelers.

Car and bike rental company, Ride On Wheels offers bikes and scooters like Pulsar, Apache Royale, Fashion Pro and Splendor Plus on an hourly basis for tourists and locals.

The bike rental service, popular in cities like Goa and Pondicherry, has now expanded to Anantapur city in Andhra Pradesh. Addressing the issue of limited transportation options, especially for accessing tourist destinations, this service provided by Ride On Wheels in Laborers Colony on Oktava Road has been a significant relief for both locals and tourists. By offering bikes and scooters for rent, the company ensures easy exploration of the city’s iconic temples and tourist spots, such as the ISKCON Temple, Ahobilam Temple, Penukonda Fort, Bugga Ramalingeswara Temple and other attractions within the city and across the Karnataka border.

In an interview with Local18, the owner of Ride On Wheels highlighted the range of options available for rental, including popular models like Pulsar, Apache Royale, Fashion Pro and Splendor Plus. Pricing is structured on an hourly basis, with rates varying depending on the duration of the rental. For instance, the owner mentioned that prices range from Rs. 200 for one to three hours, Rs. 300 for one to five hours and Rs. 500 for one to ten hours for bike rentals. Additionally, cars are also available for rent to accommodate families and larger groups.

For tourists seeking rental services, options can be found online or through recommendations from local accommodations. Online platforms offer the advantage of comparing prices and reviews across different rental companies to secure the best deals. It’s essential to carry proper identification when renting a bike or car and renters are typically required to pay both the rental fee and a deposit upfront. Before taking possession of the vehicle, it’s advisable to thoroughly inspect it for any pre-existing damages to avoid additional charges upon return.

While the availability of rental companies may be limited in Anantapur City, platforms like QuikrEasy offer on-demand home service solutions, which may include bike rental options. Exploring these avenues can help tourists locate suitable rental services and facilitate convenient transportation during their visit to the area.

The introduction of bike rental services in Anantapur City provides a practical solution for transportation needs, offering tourists and locals alike the flexibility to explore the city and its surrounding attractions conveniently and affordably.

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